McGains … with green on trend

You know we have been going to Airey’s Inlet for holidays like forever, and thus Anglesea (which is right next door and hosts the supermarket and the op shop).

And … in all these years I have never followed the sign into the industrial estate to check out McGains Nursery and Cafe.  With a bit of an organic shop to boot.  And a gift shop.  Which is a shame.  Because it is actually super fabulous.  And I can’t believe I have never been there before.  

Look how ace it is!

See! Old stuff and plants.  

Yummy food on old plates with old spoons,decorated with plants.

Magazines to read and yummy food and old stuff and plants.

And it is all built under pergolas extending out from portable site offices (check out the gift shop building if you go there) but disguised with great doors and windows and old stuff and plants…. oh man …. I ❤️ it!

mr wednesday

A new cafe has opened down the road.  Mr Wednesday on Wingrove Street.

Doesn’t the food look speccy!

It tasted great too.  

The hot chocolates were very fun with extra pouring chocolate in the side, the chai lattes were impressive and my coffee was good.

Sharing meals for around $20.  A good selection of cakes if you pop in for morning tea.

I ❤️ it when an excellent cafe opens in a little dead shopping strip and brings inner urban infrastructure back to life. 

market mileage

Did you know I went to Camberwell Market last Sunday?  Just joking!  Every post I’ve written this week has had some sort of link or something I bought there in the photos (those poppies are still going strong).

And today’s no exception.

Now this a cool idea … Petrie dishes as gift boxes … I know.  Amazing right?!

I bought them from a lady who was selling them for 4 for $2.  So that’s 50 cents each … Which even by my standards is a bit of a bargain for a nice gift box.

She wasn’t thinking of gift wrapping, she was more the organiser type, suggesting I sort my buttons in to them.  

I’ve kind of taken her idea on board. I’ve packaged up those buttons I made a few weeks ago from air drying clay (remember?).  They turned out okay in the end don’t you think?   And they look extra good in this little clear box.  
I guess the question now is who needs decorative only buttons like this … I think the answer could well be ‘nobody’.   Oh well.  It was cheering up craft, not craft with a purpose!