More about (silver) spoons 

It’s the week of spoons!

Not ceramic today, but silver.

‘Cos I found myself a copy of a long lusted cookbook, The Silver Spoon, at the op shop. 

Like Stephanie Alexander’s game changer, this is one where you start with an ingredient. Say pumpkin. And then you look it up and think, will I cook Mozarella Pumpkin Sandwich or Baked Pumpkin With Potatoes or Parmesan Pumpkin or Pumpkin With Rosemary?

And you choose one and cook it. And it’s not hard. And it tastes good!

I think actually I’ll start with lentils not pumpkin though … 

Can you recommend any recipes from this book I should try?


I bought this taste mini cookbook collection at the op shop.

I love David Thompson’s Street Food, Alba Amad’s The Lebanese Kitchen and Maggie Beer (although I do find her recipes have ingredients that I rarely source – ver juice and I have never become friends).  So I thought I could check out the others in this box.  Christine Manfield looks good.  And Kylie Kwong has some recipes I’m keen to try as well. 

I think this ginger and sour cream cake from Kylie sounds particularly good.  Have you ever made it?  


Blueberries and willow pattern China make a nice combo I think.  

On Sunday morning I went above and beyond the call of breakfast duty for the children … french toast AND bacon AND blueberries AND maple syrup.

As I’ll probably be reminding them throughout the week as they once again face the exciting choice of porridge or weetbix.