making and mending

look!  i finally tiled the kitchen

And when I say I, I probably should say we, or even more specifically Mum.  Thanks Mum!

I did the drudge – cleaning off the glue and the grouting.  And making cups of tea.  She did the glory – sticking the tiles on.  And Dad did the cutting.  Go team Coughlin!

It took all my spare time for 3 days.  Which I suspect is probably why it took me 2 years to start.  But now I have!

To celebrate my Moroccan looking tiles (that were made in Italy but called batik blue – which just makes me think of Bali) I got down my Scanpan tagine – that Mezzy gave me for Christmas (found at the op shop).  

And I cooked some middle eastern lemon chicken deliciousness … in my middle easterny kitchen.  Yay. Yay. Yay.

waste not want not

When I cut the indigo dyed linen to make my shibori cushion covers the other week I had a 20cm strip left.  Which has been sitting on my dining table.  Taking up space.  

On Saturday morning I thought about turning it in to something.  I briefly contemplated a patchwork cushion cover, maybe half linen, half dyed linen?  But then, I have never made those pyramid doorstops before. And I need a doorstop myself.

So while the kids were still asleep and Clive was off bike riding I looked up ‘pyramid doorstop pattern’ on Pinterest, then got out some dark brown leather from my ‘leather and vinyl’ supply box, and went to work.

I cut a 16cm square for the bottom and then 4 triangles that were 16cm across the bottom and 16cm tall.  I sewed the 4 triangles together, adding in the leather tab/handle.  Then sewed the bottom square on, leaving a hole to turn the pyramid right side out, and stuff it.

I filled it with cushion stuffing, and then 2.5 cups of rice.  Finally I sewed up the hole, and it was done.

Yay!  (And go doggies!)

CAPtivting creations – recycled art

At Art4All this year we decided to do a recycled plastic lid project.  

We were inspired by Choi Jeong Hwa’s Mandela Of Flowers 2015 at the Queensland Art Gallery that enabled people to immerse themselves in plastic lids, see?

But … we wanted something permanent from our Community Art Project this year.  On Pinteret I found lots of great things made from recycled plastic lids.
Like this.

And this.

But we all (the Art4All Committee) agreed we were most inspired by this.

So we put the call out and everyone at school started collecting.  Over 2 months we filled 4 wheelie bins with lids.

And then we got a parent to weld 6 frames like this.

And we cut about 600 branches from wire and bent one end over (to avoid eye injuries).  And then we had a ‘drilling-bee’ and drilled holes in all the lids.

Finally we let the kids start threading …

Our tree branches are a combination of plastic lids and wooden beads, with a few CDs thrown in for good measure.

We made a lot of progress over the weekend.

The project appealed to kids young and old.  And lots of adults helped wind the branches on to the frames.

Great huh?  Our 6 beautiful plastic trees are now being tidied up, with all poky wire being rewound so the trees are safe.  Then they are going to be planted with concrete in pots and placed in our school grounds.  

What a great legacy of Art4All 2016!  Don’t you think?