who knew?

So for Christmas we ventured into the gaming world.   But we’re not the ‘serious gamers’.  

We’re the ‘Just Dance gamers’, looking for a device with a Kinect.

And so I discovered my new favourite second hand store, EB Games.  Who knew that a second hand shop had so successfully infiltrated mainstream shopping centres (well clearly I didn’t and obviously I now realise lots of you  did.  Still, belatedly, how ace!)

Anyway, what I liked BEST was that despite all the pricey new tech, the guy in the store listened to me* say ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Kinect’ 20+ times in our two minute conversation and  then pointed me in the direction of the cheapest device in the shop … a second hand Xbox 360 with a Kinect.  And then pointed out lots of second hand games to make the most of this ‘new to us but old’ technology.

And I can tell you now that despite the reviews saying that the Kinect is ‘unresponsive’ and ‘clunky’, it is perfectly adequate for judging dancing competitions in our lounge room.  

We ❤ love love it.

*on behalf of 🎅🏼.  S/he was very busy 2 days before Christmas and asked me to do the initial investigating … 

Don’t believe?  Don’t receive!  


Remember last year I went to Daylesford and bought Charley the most excellent coat?  

This year I went and ran in to our vet in the bookshop.  Who apologised for not recognising Charley (she was waiting/barking insanely out the front).

I really don’t feel that way about my dog, not at all, so I didn’t mind one little bit.  Imagine the pressure on a vet, having to remember dog owners.  And what their particular dogs look like.  And on holidays.  And in Daylesford where there were SO MANY dogs.

Walking down the main drag on Saturday morning was like being at a dog festival … (well what I imagine a dog festival would be like ‘cos I’ve never actually been to one).

Which is all completely unrelated to foosball.

Which is what we bought in Daylesford. 

Clive and the girls spotted one of those foosball tables at the Daylesford Sunday market.  ONLY $20.  Some bloke whose wife told him it had to go was reluctantly selling it.  So we got it …

I was thinking it could live out in the garage (on Clive’s side).  

The reality?  It is in the middle of the girls room.  But they’re loving it!  And actually, I quite like foosball myself …

potato olympics

At school all the grade 3/4s have been busy with potato olympics.  Everyone gets a potato to decorate and then they compete in events like soccer (involving potatoes and a ping pong ball), potato and spoon race etc.   Jemima didn’t approve of the golf though, she thought it was ‘mean’ because her potato got a bruise just under it’s eye (golf involved a ruler as the golf club, the potato as the golf ball).

The decorating kept the kids amused for hours in class.  

And Jemima carried through on the idea at home and created a ‘fashion designer potato’.


Here’s the cleaning outfit (with apron).


Here’s the ball gown.

Here’s Jemima’s favourite outfit for Lulu Potato.


Here’s Lulu and Olive (the Olympic potato together).


And here they are in the disguises.  A ghost for Halloween and the Easter bunny.  Cuteness all round.