look!  i finally tiled the kitchen

And when I say I, I probably should say we, or even more specifically Mum.  Thanks Mum!

I did the drudge – cleaning off the glue and the grouting.  And making cups of tea.  She did the glory – sticking the tiles on.  And Dad did the cutting.  Go team Coughlin!

It took all my spare time for 3 days.  Which I suspect is probably why it took me 2 years to start.  But now I have!

To celebrate my Moroccan looking tiles (that were made in Italy but called batik blue – which just makes me think of Bali) I got down my Scanpan tagine – that Mezzy gave me for Christmas (found at the op shop).  

And I cooked some middle eastern lemon chicken deliciousness … in my middle easterny kitchen.  Yay. Yay. Yay.

electric drills and kitchen chair repairs

When it rains it pours, right? … I’m on a chair roll.

On  the weekend the sun was shining and Clive had tamed our garden jungle back to a lawn with some trees, and so with nice weather and somewhere to spray paint, I finally got around to repairing and painting the half finished and slightly broken kitchen chair that has been gracing our table for at least six months.

And Dad, you will be so proud of me!  Firstly, I had not just ONE but TWO drills on the go (both of which you gave me). And I pre-drilled a hole for the screw to reconnect the back of the chair that had unglued itself.  Then (and here’s the really proud moment) I got out a different drill part and made a bigger hole for the depth of about 5mm, and then ….I COUNTER SUNK THE SCREW.  I know – pretty professional huh?  Finally I used my second drill to drive my screw in.  

Following which I ruined our glorious?! lawn  with my spray painting … See?  Oops.  Never mind.  And, look, I know you can still see the screws, and I probably should have filled and sanded as well – but I decided to commit to celebrating the imperfections.

Handy home repair skills learned through osmosis.  It’s only taken 44 years for these lessons to sink in.  

Now I think maybe I should become a builder or something!

blue stripes, white shelves and me

I love blue stripes.  I love those little IKEA white shelves (handy EVERYWHERE).  And did you notice by any chance my pot plant holder made from a melted down shopping bag.  I love that too!  I made it a while ago.  And the more I look at it the more I think how fun it is.