house plants

Indoors is the new outdoors isn’t it?  

I used to have one house plant.  

My mum gave it to me when I moved into my first share house 20+ years ago (aagh so long ago …) and despite the lack of love in intervening years it is still alive.  

It definitely has a hardy constitution.

In recent years I have somewhat reluctantly increased the number of indoor plants in my house.  I have had about five (lounge, dining, kitchen, front door and bathroom).  I haven’t wanted to over commit because I am, quite frankly, hopeless at routine, and watering plants regularly really does require a routine and … you know.  Also school holidays.

But, with beautiful homes like these on my radar (thanks Pinterest) I am feeling increasingly uncool and out of touch and perhaps ready to commit to indoor plants in a bigger way.  Or at the very least to bigger indoor plants.

My first step?  Recently I have taken cuttings from that very first plant of mine and multiplied it.  See?

grow little cutting, grow in your cute little jar of water

My second step.   Last week I googled where to buy large indoor plants.  

And then the third step.  By chance Mum offered me two rubber plants that she’s had for ages but wants to move on.  They’re not really big yet but they definitely need to be repotted.  And they are bigger than any other plants I own.  Truly the perfect third step.

Woo hoo!  Any day now I’ll be posting a picture of my bathroom looking something like this …


cumquat g&t

Seriously.  Invest in a cumquat tree and make the BEST gin and tonics, like EVA (in my humble opinion).

craft club (succulents)

On Monday I went to craft club and finished off 5 concrete planters to sell at the Fairfield Makers Market this Friday night at school.  I borrowed some succulents from Ali’s garden.  Thanks Ali!

Then I rushed home to try out a chilli beef recipe (Trish and I are going to make 100 serves of something for anyone who wants dinner at the market … and I am thinking chilli beef might be the go).

Busy days.