when your neighbor is a gardener

My neighbour John is an amazing gardener and he has been sharing his produce with us lately.  I can’t tell you how lucky we feel because in all seriousness his mandarins are THE BEST mandarins I have ever tasted.

He left a bag at our front door 5 weeks ago. Then oranges.  Then blood oranges (which Scarlett 💕s).  Then a box of persimmons which we ate on our muesli for 2 weeks, then more oranges and now another bag of mandarins! 

Nice neighbours are the best aren’t they?

sour grass

The 3km walk around the block at Mezzy’s takes about 2 hours in sour grass season.  Even in the rain!

Because you have to keep stopping to pick the sour grass.


my dog + me and the bbq

I took Charley for a walk on Monday morning.  We meandered through the local streets at 7am … The local streets scattered with interesting piles of hard rubbish.  Such a glorious dog walking morning!

At 7.21am I’d been around the block and up and down a few streets, poked my head into some courts etc. and was nearly home, and thought to myself, maybe I can fit in one more street? It’ll be okay to get home by 7.30am.

Woof! said Charley (not really, I’m just trying to include her in the story a bit more).

So we headed down Wendy’s street.  And Charley and I found …. Dunadada … A Webber Q.

I know.  Every girl and her cute little dog’s dream right?

I can tell you I was excited.  I GRABBED IT!  And luckily I was right next to Wendy’s.  So I rang her doorbell at that ungodly hour … And left it on her porch to collect later.  Lucky she’s used to my hoarding ways.

And Charley and I skipped all the way home.

The end.