when it’s free

ha! i knew this chair would look good with this cushion

Found in Fairfield + found in Thornbury = perfect.

So lucky I kept that cushion stored for 2+ years for just such a day, don’t you agree!

found … on rushall street

Remember the Weber Q I found in hard rubbish this year?

It has been fabulous!  Such a GREAT find.  As the weather has slowly improved (well sort of, in bursts, what a crazy spring hey), I have been BBQing (or WeberQing) my little heart out.

And so I thought that Rushall Street had given me all the love it possibly could.  

Until I was walking along and found this.

Not quite in the league of a Weber Q, I know.  But perfect for a holiday house don’t you agree?  

Holiday house furniture is my current collecting obsession …

one persons junk is another persons treasure (chest)

I wasn’t alone as I wandered the fields of joy (sing it to us Lenny) looking at other peoples cast offs this weekend.  Not by a long shot.

But I suspect that few others were looking for the same things as me.

With hard rubbish it is definitely true that you find what you look for.

This year proves it.  I give you Exhibit A – my new treasure chest.

I suspect that not one of the men or women loading things into utes and trailers (or walking along balancing their milk and bread precariously on a rolled up shaggy cream rug slung over their shoulder) were out there looking for a treasure chest.

Just me.  

Because … We found one a few years ago on the side of the road (well actually Clive and the girls did) and it was so great, but we didn’t need it so we gave to Merryn.  She uses it for mat time every day at kinder.  She says that everything is fun when it comes from a pirate treasure chest …

And … Now that I am organising some stories and activities for playgroup at ACC I have been thinking about how handy my own treasure chest would be.

So … That’s why I was looking for a treasure chest … 

And I found the PERFECT one – timber and lined with velvet.  Big enough to fit a book and a few other bits and bobs.  Not so big that I can’t carry it around.  Lovely. I spent the day doing a bit of a touch up to the woodwork with the ever handy Black Japan.  And gave the velvet interior a clean.

Hard rubbish.  I ❤️ U.