Rosebud op shops ❤️❤️❤️

So it’s Wednesday.  

I arrived at Rosebud Saturday night and restrained my op shopping impulses Sunday.  But on Monday I popped over the road at 9.30am on the dot to check out the Salvos.  I went with Elise.  10 minutes in and I ran in to my dad as well.  He’d obviously just ‘popped over’ too (see, it’s a genetic thing).

I bought a super pair of Country Road shorts.  $7.  Worth it!

Then we went to the beach for the day.  And got too much sun.  

So on Tuesday Mezzy and I dragged 5 kids to the op shops in central Rosebud (avoiding the heat of the day).

I found two pairs of Campers shoes.  $7 total.  Lovely.

 And then we went to the beach for a 4pm swim.  No one got sunburnt.

And this morning it’s drizzling, so maybe not a great beach day.  It’s perfect for op shopping though …

Anglesea op shop

Oh Anglesea Op Shop ❤️❤️❤️❤️.

Did I mention that I forgot to pack books?  Well Elise forgot to pack shoes (and last year she forgot underwear, but that’s a different story).

Anyway, with only a pair of ‘going out’ shoes, which were the ones she wore for the drive, we just HAD to call in to the Anglesea op shop … and promptly DIVED on a pair of strappy Crocs in aqua (not necessarily the colour of choice for footwear but only $2 AND as it turns out a perfect match for Elise’s beach dress).  So a big ✔️ for beach shoes.

And for another $2 she got a pair of Converse runners. ✔️✔️ for walking shoes.

Disaster averted.  For the grand sum of $4.

patience is a virtue

This week on Tuesday I went shopping for Crocs in the real Croc shop.

I know.  They are not necessarily groovy.  But they ARE the best beach shoes. I think.  I like them because:

1. Sand doesn’t get stuck in them (my Saltwater sandals get a build up under my feet when I walk on sand in them and I have to keep taking them off and emptying them out)

2. You can wear them in the water without thinking twice (unlike Birkenstocks that get stiff in salt water)

3. They don’t flick sand up the back of your legs like thongs

 My old Crocs bit the dust this year and I thought perhaps I could cope without them … Until we went to Balnarring the other weekend.  And missed them so …

With the incentive of 4 weeks at the beach every day this summer I was on a mission.  But when I got there I couldn’t decide.  Chunky clog style like my old ones or something else?

Thankfully I went to Clifton Hill Primary School fete on Saturday.  And the decision was made for me.  I got a pair, barely worn in just my size for $2.  

Hooray.  Bright pink!  And to think I was considering black at the Croc shop.  Pink is heaps more interesting.