cold foot bff

Every week I go to soccer to watch the kids and stand around in wet grass with freezing feet.  I generally suffer from cold foot.  And soccer is the worst.

But not anymore!

I found a new best friend that I never even knew about AT ALL – until I went to the Florsheim factory outlet on Darebin Road and tried them on.  Bogs.  BFF and ever and ever.

My pair are rated to -15.  Some of them are rated to -40.  Toasty feet guaranteed.

Last Monday I just wore them all day.  And I didn’t even step one foot into the garden.  I wore them to a meeting at school.  To the shops.  To the supermarket.  To a cafe.

I figure it’s not as bad as wearing uggies everywhere??!  Right?  I am sure I am right.

2016 winter shoe investment

New stuff.  I don’t buy it very often.  I make the exception for shoes. Because when it comes to shoes I like what I like.

And I love my black Eos boots.  But they are now a bit leaky around where the leather meets the sole.  I tried to snow seal them but it didn’t quite do it. And I get cold feet.  And I hate wet socks.  And I have had them for 3 years.

So I went to ili to update my winter shoe wardrobe and tried on a variety of boots.  And settled on … the same boot.

So boring …  I know.  But SO COMFY!

I did change colour though.  Tan this year.  Which means a bit of wardrobe reassessing … 

In saying this my recent investment in all things navy is pretty perfect for a tan boot.  

I think I just need a tan belt.  And I should probably get out my tan handbag again.

Soggy winter walks to school … Rainy Sunday morning soccer matches … I’m ready!

fair shopping (and a gift from mez)

Mezzy bought me some golden slippers (well gold colored plastic Mary Jane crocs but near enough is good enough right) that she bought from the op shop in her neck of the woods. 

And then at the school fair I got this cute skirt from the second hand clothes stall. I ❤️ the bird print.  I like the colours a lot … and the sewing.  Check out the squiggly zip biz. It’s fun!  

And I can wear them together.  I love it when random recent second hand shopping comes together so excellently.