a little library

Did you know I have a job now? I work at Alphington Community Centre and it’s super!  

One of the things I like the most is this little lending library out the front.  

If you need a new book to read you can just drop past and take one.  And if you have a great book that you don’t want to keep anymore you can leave it here for someone else to enjoy.  

So friendly!  

More about (silver) spoons 

It’s the week of spoons!

Not ceramic today, but silver.

‘Cos I found myself a copy of a long lusted cookbook, The Silver Spoon, at the op shop. 

Like Stephanie Alexander’s game changer, this is one where you start with an ingredient. Say pumpkin. And then you look it up and think, will I cook Mozarella Pumpkin Sandwich or Baked Pumpkin With Potatoes or Parmesan Pumpkin or Pumpkin With Rosemary?

And you choose one and cook it. And it’s not hard. And it tastes good!

I think actually I’ll start with lentils not pumpkin though … 

Can you recommend any recipes from this book I should try?

op shop books (and audio books)

Elise listened to this series by Emily Giffin on BorrowBox (the digital borrowing system at Darebin library) and I tried.

I started ‘Something Borrowed’ ages ago but you know, it takes so long when someone is reading a book out loud.

It’s not often that I have 10+ hours to set aside.  And I have found that I have to concentrate on listening, otherwise my head thoughts take over and I miss hours of the story.

For me it is a challenge in mindfulness.  Can I actively live in the moment for hours on end … Just listening …

Last week I found ‘Something Blue’ at the op shop for $2 and couldn’t pass it up.  I started it mid afternoon and finished it before tea.  I have no problem setting everything aside to read a book cover to cover …

 And then of course I wanted to read the first one in the series.  I checked out if BorrowBox  had a digital version, but no, just the audio … So I borrowed it again and took a another go at listening.

Luckily yesterday I had a sore tummy, and so I lazed around all day.  And really listened.

Last night as I went to sleep I was on to the last 4 chapters. This morning I woke up and replayed the last 2.  And didn’t remember any of it… Clearly I fell asleep mid ending.

But … Yay!  My first completed audio book (and I am feeling inspired to re-borrow Burial Rites, which was so beautiful to listen to, but even longer … I only got through 6 hours of that one first time round … I think there’s another 10 hours to go).