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I am doing a course this year that is designed for people like me.  Middle-aged arty/crafty types who need some inspiration.  It is on school hours Thursday and Fridays with an open studio morning on Tuesdays.

The course has 3 basic components:

  1. Life drawing (yikes it’s hard!)
  2. Adobe suite (Photoshop and Illustrator – great to know for any communications job right?)
  3. Studio (drawing, painting and printing  = fun, fun, fun)

I have never done any of this stuff before.  And I am loving it.  Like really truly super loving it.  Even though I nearly cry every week in life drawing (you’ll see why when I get the courage up to share my pretty crap drawings).

So, that’s what I’m doing.  And here’s the very first thing I did there … ink drawing, and white pencil on black paper.

cardboard recycling – our box maze

Our box maze at A Day On The Fairfield Green was ace again this year.  Around 60 fridge and washing machine boxes were collected and joined together with cable ties, Stanley knives and a touch of packing tape to create a fabulous recycled cardboard creation … with an ‘under the sea’ theme.

I roped in the professionals for the finessing.  Lee and Paula kicked butt with the yellow submarine entrance and shark mouth exit!  Don’t you agree?  

The kids loved it!

It’s been too long … been way too long

I haven’t been here for ages, and I have been feeling sad about it.  But seriously, I have overcommitted to life-things and am having trouble fitting all my loves in.

A brief update, and a disclaimer for future posts.

  • I have been working at Alphington Community Centre and filling in as Coordinator (which I ❤️).
  • I am also doing a visual arts course called CREATE at NCAT on Thursday and Friday (which I ❤️).
  • I have been regularly crafting with the Craft Club chicks for the FPS fair (held last Saturday).  We made ace stuff this year.
  • I have been collecting mountains of fridge boxes to make a 📦 maze at said fair.  It too was ace!
  • I’ve hardly been to the op shop … (I keep going to the art supply shop instead!)

But last night I was at Elise’s showing her all the things I have been painting in the CREATE course that I am doing.  And she said I should write about them here.  

And I thought about it.  And in the end this blog is about me, and it’s dumb not to write, right, just because I am not consumed in second hand consumption … right?

So, I hope you enjoy the 6 month interlude that is about to befall you as I share my arty journey (with just a touch of second hand stuff thrown in).

So here we go.