water-based oils

My sometimes careless approach to cleaning up has led me to make friends with water-based oil paints.  

Like normal oil paints they take ages to dry (leaving lots of wriggle room for those of us that sometimes* forget to clean their brushes) … but also … they clean up with warm soapy water.  No stinky turps (hooray).  

Anyway, I bought some.  And I have been doing some landscape oil painting from photos I took along the great ocean road (I had one weekend at Airey’s Inlet and then the next at Kennett River … lucky me!)

This is a painting of Eagle Rock Parade.

And then I tried to paint a cockatoo that was sitting on the balcony at Kennett River.  They’re workshops in progress!

*often/nearly always


  1. Great paintings! I’ve also just bought some water based oils, I usually use watercolours and wanted to try something else — but HUGE time it takes for a painting to dry! I’d need an extra room to to put them in….. 😦


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