It’s been too long … been way too long

I haven’t been here for ages, and I have been feeling sad about it.  But seriously, I have overcommitted to life-things and am having trouble fitting all my loves in.

A brief update, and a disclaimer for future posts.

  • I have been working at Alphington Community Centre and filling in as Coordinator (which I ❤️).
  • I am also doing a visual arts course called CREATE at NCAT on Thursday and Friday (which I ❤️).
  • I have been regularly crafting with the Craft Club chicks for the FPS fair (held last Saturday).  We made ace stuff this year.
  • I have been collecting mountains of fridge boxes to make a 📦 maze at said fair.  It too was ace!
  • I’ve hardly been to the op shop … (I keep going to the art supply shop instead!)

But last night I was at Elise’s showing her all the things I have been painting in the CREATE course that I am doing.  And she said I should write about them here.  

And I thought about it.  And in the end this blog is about me, and it’s dumb not to write, right, just because I am not consumed in second hand consumption … right?

So, I hope you enjoy the 6 month interlude that is about to befall you as I share my arty journey (with just a touch of second hand stuff thrown in).

So here we go.  

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