mid-strength summer reading … favourite 3

I love reading.  Especially on holidays.  But I am a mid-strength chick.  I’m not in to too much gore, violence, mystery or suspense (I make an exception for romance – I do like a bit of that on occasion, and I am not too fussy in this genre).  So … I don’t mind a tear or two, but not uncontrollable sobbing.  I don’t generally want detailed drawn out deaths or endless gratuitous abuse.  You know what I mean?  Have I said this before?  Probably.

So anyway, I read some great mid-strength books this summer.  Here are my top 3 recommendations, if you are at all interested …

1.  The Muse – Jessie Burton

My only new book.  I loved her first book The Miniaturist (so consider this a bonus recommendation) which was set in Amsterdam at the height of the Dutch East Indies Company.   

And this one set in Spain at the time of the revolution was good as well.  The story moved back and forwards in time  and from England to Spain with an underlying mainland Europe arty theme, and resolved itself satisfyingly.

2.  The Snow Child – Eowyn Ivey

Set in Alaska it is a little bit Little House on the Prairie (that frontier stuff) and a little magical and fairytale-ish, like Isobel Allende.  And really beautiful and interesting.  The ending was great and very memorable.  And that’s saying a lot for me.  Because I often know I liked a book but can’t remember much about it.  Thanks for lending it to me Cate!

3.  State of Wonder – Ann Patchett

Haha!  The basic idea still makes me laugh in a very cringey way … being mid 40s with 3 kids under my belt there is no way on earth I’d want to be having babies for my whole life.  My body’s ability to ‘bounce back’ was lacking even in my 30s!  Mums, you should read it!  And not just that bit.  Great characters.  A super story. 

And … Ann Patchett’s new book Commonwealth is meant to be excellent too (you can read my friend Katrina’s review here).  It’s top of my list, and I went to borrow it from the library as soon as I got home from holidays but it had 15 reserves – yikes!  Others must have heard it’s good too.  And yes … another bonus recommendation.

Happy (rest of summer) reading to you.


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