who knew?

So for Christmas we ventured into the gaming world.   But we’re not the ‘serious gamers’.  

We’re the ‘Just Dance gamers’, looking for a device with a Kinect.

And so I discovered my new favourite second hand store, EB Games.  Who knew that a second hand shop had so successfully infiltrated mainstream shopping centres (well clearly I didn’t and obviously I now realise lots of you  did.  Still, belatedly, how ace!)

Anyway, what I liked BEST was that despite all the pricey new tech, the guy in the store listened to me* say ‘Just Dance’ and ‘Kinect’ 20+ times in our two minute conversation and  then pointed me in the direction of the cheapest device in the shop … a second hand Xbox 360 with a Kinect.  And then pointed out lots of second hand games to make the most of this ‘new to us but old’ technology.

And I can tell you now that despite the reviews saying that the Kinect is ‘unresponsive’ and ‘clunky’, it is perfectly adequate for judging dancing competitions in our lounge room.  

We ❤ love love it.

*on behalf of 🎅🏼.  S/he was very busy 2 days before Christmas and asked me to do the initial investigating … 

Don’t believe?  Don’t receive!  


  1. With 2 teenage boys we are well acquainted with EBgames! I have even found a few xbox games at opshops recently too ( bought after a quick phone call or text to the boys to check which games to buy & make sure I get the right ones!). We had some eyetoy dance/ sport games ( similar to kinect) with our old playstation, it was great way to get 3-4 kids jumping around the room, working up a sweat having a “race” when it was bucketing with rain outside!


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