we’re nearly rolling …

Rollerblades were on the official Christmas list this year (and hatchimals).  But Santa brought an Xbox instead. (Sometimes Santa knows best right?)

Or maybe s/he can see in to the future … and saw me waltzing in to Anglesea op shop yesterday … just a week after Christmas … and stumbling upon a pair of kids adjustable rollerblades for only $10.  

That is probably it.  

One pair down, one to  go.


  1. What other size are you after? We have roller-skates though, not blades (eighties retro instead of nineties retro) but might have some in size you’re after. Ed & Poppa rollerskate approx. 90% of their life (yes, around the house because I’m MOTY) so I do replace their skates when they outgrow…

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