i officially finished xmas shopping yesterday …

At 1pm.  This year I did all the shopping for the kids in a 24 hour block … and I am still reeling from the shock of how much I spent.  Even though I tried to stick to buying things that they need  … rather than hamsters in the house, and hatchables, and the other crap they want (because they watch too much Go!). There’s a certain delusion in shopping over a 6 month period obviously (because I bought just the same amount of stuff as every other year).

Anyway … I have now moved on to a 24 hour cleaning frenzy.  With only 9 hours left, because we’re having neighbours for drinks at 5pm.  I like a target for cleaning so it doesn’t drag on endlessly!

Then we’ve got quite a relaxing Xmas day coming up where I am cooking something nice for only us and our respective parents … which will be a pleasure.

And then … this.  And the beach …

My holiday book pile of second hand books is growing and I am looking forward to diving in.


  1. Snap! I’m currently reading Smith’s Swing Time and have dropped large and unambiguous hints for Jez re Patchett’s Commonwealth as my Christmas present…

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    1. And Jennie has bought me the book you read last week .., the one in set in Spain. I am really looking forward to reading that! Merry Xmas. We’ll be thinking of you guys on Christmas Day as we eat our snapper!!!

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      1. I reckon Hot Milk is my favourite book this year.
        Enjoy the snapper (are you doing it with ginger and chilli?)


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