in the hood

A few months ago I got a little postcard in my letterbox announcing that a new op shop was opening in the old factory area just to our north.  But only on Saturdays and Sundays.

How exciting.  I have been meaning to pop in ever since.  THIS weekend I finally went there.

And this …

How speccy.  I would consider buying a new house just to properly accommodate this super groovy dining suite.

Rellik is a nice big factory space full of all sorts on interesting things.

Need a new couch?  This could be amazing reupholstered.  Or even just how it is, with some fun cushions.

Looking for something for your collection … What about some Johnsonware?

Or Corningware?

Brown glazed pottery?

Some canisters?

Or maybe some records? (Can you tell I did a bit of rearranging … I picked out some classic albums for them to display front and centre … Remember Charlene’s ‘I’ve Never Been To Me’ ….)

But perhaps you are looking for something more practical.  What about a fun lamp?

Or a stove for your caravan?

A nice picnic tea set?

Or a laminate kitchen table and zebra chairs?

Need to fill up your chambers?  What about a wall of English law reports?

And look, they even sell some ‘new old’ stuff, like these fun light cords and the associated cage lights and interesting bulbs.

So many things.  So many good things.  So excited this is within walking distance to my house!

And … with Fossil Vintage a hop, skip and a jump from Rellik, I am hoping that all my dreams come true and that this is the start of a second hand revolution, where my closest light industrial area transforms into a haven, or THE destination for second hand shopping … in the second hand city!  Imagine how ace that would be …


  1. Looks like an awesome shop! And somewhat similar to one of the amazing op shops in Lakes Entrance I discovered last school hols ( might have to check Rellik out next hols!)


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