waste not want not

When I cut the indigo dyed linen to make my shibori cushion covers the other week I had a 20cm strip left.  Which has been sitting on my dining table.  Taking up space.  

On Saturday morning I thought about turning it in to something.  I briefly contemplated a patchwork cushion cover, maybe half linen, half dyed linen?  But then, I have never made those pyramid doorstops before. And I need a doorstop myself.

So while the kids were still asleep and Clive was off bike riding I looked up ‘pyramid doorstop pattern’ on Pinterest, then got out some dark brown leather from my ‘leather and vinyl’ supply box, and went to work.

I cut a 16cm square for the bottom and then 4 triangles that were 16cm across the bottom and 16cm tall.  I sewed the 4 triangles together, adding in the leather tab/handle.  Then sewed the bottom square on, leaving a hole to turn the pyramid right side out, and stuff it.

I filled it with cushion stuffing, and then 2.5 cups of rice.  Finally I sewed up the hole, and it was done.

Yay!  (And go doggies!)


  1. Great use of the shibori scrap! I made a pyramid doorstop a while back & it is the best thing for the front door. I like your idea with the leather scrap for the tab/ handle thingy!

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