new season

Last weekend I was on a mission. A renewing mission.  I went to the op shop and bought some new-to-me things.  Including a sporty jacket for when I wear my Lycra all day*.

 And then I went to the real shops and bought some new-new things that I have been coveting.

And I did a huge wardrobe cull and I folded and sorted (see, so proud).

Since then I have been wearing my new to-me and new-new clothes with pride and feeling peace and love with the world.

I just don’t know how I survived a whole winter with tan boots without this corduroy skirt … It goes with so many things in my wardrobe.

And my new-new 3/4 wide leg pants are superb.  I admired them in Seed all last summer … faded denim.  They are now on speed rotation through the washing/drying/wearing cycle.

And I got some of those baggy crotch pants.  To go with my new-to-me silky black singlet top.  Fun.

Happy spring (cleaning)!


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