Shibori you life

2 weeks ago Trish and I took a trip to Thomastown for supplies and then headed home to mix up a vat of indigo dye.  This plan has been brewing for at least a year!

It’s not often I celebrate our outside laundry.  But for the week long ‘festival of shibori’ that followed I was very pleased to have an old concrete tub and not a care in the world regarding indigo splatters here and there.

Trish and I did about 15 tea towels the first day.  But then … I got up at 5am to do a few t-shirts, and a few more tea towels at night.   And then some more …

The pinnacle of my shibori week experience?  I dyed an old white queen doona cover and pillowcases. A feat in folding and dye fabric management to be sure.

And as I lay cocooned in shibori the other morning, and thought about the 40+ tea towels, 20+ t-shirts and various linen throws and cushions now all beautifully blue and patterned and piled up all around the house I thought to myself, hmmm … maybe it’s time to stop?

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