Gumtree disasters

I have been banging on lately about the joys of online second hand shopping. 

Exhibit a.  Our $13 couch.

But … Then, just out the back window, plonked unceremoniously in the centre of our back yard I present Exhibit b.  Our Gumtree disaster – a washing machine.  

Our old one broke, and I thought, well why not get the same one but a bit bigger from Gumtree. So I emailed and organised, and sent Clive off with the trailer to waste a Saturday getting a washing machine from Camberwell … That then didn’t work.

Luckily we got our money back.  But … we couldn’t face another wasted day returning it when the owner didn’t want it back.  And so there it sits.  In our garden.  A sad and sorry sight.

A big white metal reminder that not EVERYTHING works out on Gumtree (and a reminder to ME to ring Council and book a hard rubbish collection!)

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