upgrading via ebay

We found Elise’s teak outdoor table in hard rubbish.  Back in the days when Boroondara had hard rubbish (the glory days).  

I recall driving home with it and a similar teak table for my friend Myf on the roof of my car.  

And then Elise found teak chairs on EBay.  10 for $100 from Clifton Hill.  She kept 6 and gave 4 to Nick’s brother (I think).

But last week she found a newer looking teak outdoor setting on EBay, just in Coburg.  And upgraded for just $60 or something crazy like that.  That’s a pretty great price for a teak octagonal table and four chairs don’t you think?  

The lesson, buy off-season on EBay.  You might pick up a bargain like this too.

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