cold foot bff

Every week I go to soccer to watch the kids and stand around in wet grass with freezing feet.  I generally suffer from cold foot.  And soccer is the worst.

But not anymore!

I found a new best friend that I never even knew about AT ALL – until I went to the Florsheim factory outlet on Darebin Road and tried them on.  Bogs.  BFF and ever and ever.

My pair are rated to -15.  Some of them are rated to -40.  Toasty feet guaranteed.

Last Monday I just wore them all day.  And I didn’t even step one foot into the garden.  I wore them to a meeting at school.  To the shops.  To the supermarket.  To a cafe.

I figure it’s not as bad as wearing uggies everywhere??!  Right?  I am sure I am right.

One comment

  1. I had the same problem – most weekends I have 3-4 hours each day standing on cold ground… Years ago I bought some boots online from Canada (brand is Toe Warmers) – warm, waterproof and while they aren’t a fashion statement, I NEVER have cold feet. Good to know I’ll be able to shop locally when I need to replace the Toe Warmers!

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