another hanging basket

So, you know, I have been inspired by the possibilities of bike tyre tubes.  

And I went and collected some from the local bike shop.  But they only had a few… And I got some from Clive.  But he only had a few… And then …

I went to Ceres (where they have a bicycle part recycling thingy set up) and walked away with a gazillion tyres.  For free.  How ace!

And, inspired by this giant macrame plant hanger I saw in a hairdressers shop window on Brunswick Street, I made a floor to ceiling bicycle tube plant hanger.

That is now decorating my front porch ever so nicely.

Actually, it has been hanging limp and sad for about a month, until I went to Bunnings last week and found a pot that had the same rubbery look.  

And so I planted it with some geraniums (love the drought tolerant plant) and popped the pot in place.  

Perfect!  If I do say so myself …

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