100% op shop

I have been working on collecting a ‘work wardrobe’ since I started work.  Because I didn’t have one for so long.  

I used to just chuck on any old thing … now I am eschewing my denim skirt and long socks with skirt/cardigan approach to life for a bit more care. 

I need clothes that are nice but not OTT – good for gardening when necessary and office work the rest of the time. With a bit of cooking thrown in …

Here’s my 100% op shop (with a touch of school fete) work clothes plan for the next few days.

Today … My new to me (purchased on Monday) blue/grey top that’s nearly a dress that will  be perfect with black leggings or skinny pants.  I am contemplating wearing leg warmers as well … It’s been cold lately and I don’t want to look too grown- up.

Tomorrow … This black and white top crosses over at the back which makes it quite fun.  I’m either going to wear it with my wide leg black cords or my skinny leg red cords.

I love this little Alice In Wondeland necklace that I purchased at Camberwell market.

And then I’m gonna take a break from stripes with some tiny floral.   I got this top at a fete. It’s got little blue flowers on it. And I’m going to wear it with blue jeans and my tan boots.  Casual Thursday.

And Friday … 

I plan to mix my silk Country Road jacket with my  wine coloured long sleeve t-shirt. Adding a bit of pizizzle with the classy polymer clay necklace that Scarlett created when she was 3.  And black pants.

I reckon I have at least one more week of suitable winter work clothes in my wardrobe now as well.  Without repeating anything.  Maybe two?

Hmm.  Could it be time for me to stop collecting?!


  1. I’m doing a similar thing Leanne but mending lots of vintage clothes in my wardrobe to get me through. Am thinking I need to get a long cardigan because where I work is a bit chilly! And I’m wish Merryn on the leg warmers.

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  2. Wow, you are organised Leanne, you are going to look pretty good I think not OTT at all and definately go with the leg warmers1

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