free coathangers (found)

Yesterday I was driving along minding my own business (on Chifley Drive to be specific) and stopped at the Bell Street lights (heading north) where I noticed about 10 big cardboard boxes on the side of the road full of coathangers.  1000s of them I reckon. Accompanied by some serious looking shop fittings.

On my way home from Bunnings I pulled over to take a closer look.  

And I couldn’t resist so I picked up some coathangers … and used them to transform Clive’s wardrobe last night … such a nice friendly thing to do on my behalf … don’t you agree?  (in our house this is definitely beyond the call of duty – we’re strongly of the school of thought that your own clothes and how you choose to store them is your own problem)

And if only I had a station wagon I might* have picked up a glass display cabinet or two for the Art4All shop.

I wonder if it’s all still there today …

*probably definitely would have.


    1. I know… but these were nice big fat black plastic ones that are as wide as Clive’s shoulders and his shirts hang beautifully on them … I chucked out every skinny and bent wire hanger in my house as a result.


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