make your jam pretty

I had a phase when the girls were little where I collected old sheets with lovely floral patterns with the intention of making simple skirts.  And I did make quite a few.  Mostly elasticised waists, but a few wrap around skirts as well.

But then the kids got older and weren’t into skirts so much and I still had quite a collection of sheets. So then I turned some into patchwork quilts.  Which were cute too.

But in recent years the sheets have just languished in the cupboard …

That is until last week.  When I whipped out a super fun orange, yellow and green one and donated it to Alphington Community Centre to cover the preserves for the Autumn Fete this coming Saturday 7 May.

I used my nanna’s pinking shears to cut the circles … 

There’re covering chutney and marmalade and beetroot relish. And some preserved lemons.  

You should come along. And buy some.  It’ll be fun.


  1. I have a bit of a collection of vintage floral sheets I will make something amazing with…one day! The little orange flower print looks great on the chutney jars. PS in my house the pinking shears have a nickname- a few years ago we had a friend’s daughter over for a ” kid crafternoon” with my boys, making felt creatures. Miss C was confused when I asked my son to pass me the ” pink- ish ears” ! So now they often referred to as the pink- ish ears!

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