the side benefits to ballet (or found #8)

On Sunday morning I was sitting having a cup of coffee (before 7am) and contemplating my day.  With all 3 kids now playing soccer in their own teams my previous years of being ‘the dad’ for soccer – by which I mean not the lead parent (ie. not the recipient of the emails nor the default uniform washer or regular bag packer, or the default organiser of snakes and cutter of oranges and NOT the regular driver …) – are over.  With a bang. 

Hello Melton.  Hello 50 minute drive. YAY?

The activities have crept up on us lately. All of a sudden everyone is doing everything.  

India is Wendy in the school play (Peter Pan) and has been practising 2 nights a week since the beginning of the year. She also has 2 nights of dancing along with soccer training and then the match. And India’s training is on a different night to Jemima and Scarlett.  Who also have dancing one night and swimming on Saturdays.  And then Jemima has guitar and a drawing class.  And everyone is in their own teams.  No crossover.

And I heard Clive working out how Jemima could do cross country training the other week.  I think that’d be on Tuesday after guitar and while India is doing ballet?  Aagh!  

We’ve already got at least one thing on seven days a week…

But speaking of Tuesday ballet.

As I was drinking my coffee on Sunday morning I was also admiring my new (to us) dresser/cupboard … That I found on the side of the road last Tuesday night after ballet (7.10pm to be precise).   I was dropping another girl home and drove past our house.  And noticed it IN THE DARK.  About 50 metres down the road. And I believe I said out loud ‘I want that’.

And I proceeded to safely deliver the children home before ducking out to collect it.  Two trips on foot for the drawers.  Then I tried to wrestle the frame into the boot of the car.  No luck.  It was too big.

But in the process I realised it was on wheels.  So I just casually wheeled it home …

I can tell you, Clive was thrilled to get home at 7.30pm to be greeted by 3 drawers and a cupboard frame out the front door (actually I think he ignored it, and I might have had to prompt him with a, ‘Did you see the great cupboard I found?’  His answer was something like a resigned, ‘Yes’.  He’s pretty used to it all by now).

And he didn’t even ask me where I would put it.  Which is lucky.  Because we actually don’t really have anywhere for it that is perfect at the moment… So it’s sitting in our bedroom.  Empty.  Awaiting some tidying up …

But still, I think it will have pride of place somewhere in our future house … ❤️

Note.  This post is an attempt to encourage myself to stick to the crazy schedule, drive to Melton, drive backwards and forwards along Grange Road dropping off and delivering children to and from 3 successive dancing classes and generally run around like a lunatic every night.  The kids love all things they do.  And I might find another great cupboard right?  Or something else super ace that I really need*.  I might. 


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  1. great find, I would keep it, too. I found a beautiful little cabinet from art nouveau times which was used for keeping pipes and tobacco some weeks ago at a garbage container. It was painted with birch trees and is really an eyecatcher. I can understand you.

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