2016 winter shoe investment

New stuff.  I don’t buy it very often.  I make the exception for shoes. Because when it comes to shoes I like what I like.

And I love my black Eos boots.  But they are now a bit leaky around where the leather meets the sole.  I tried to snow seal them but it didn’t quite do it. And I get cold feet.  And I hate wet socks.  And I have had them for 3 years.

So I went to ili to update my winter shoe wardrobe and tried on a variety of boots.  And settled on … the same boot.

So boring …  I know.  But SO COMFY!

I did change colour though.  Tan this year.  Which means a bit of wardrobe reassessing … 

In saying this my recent investment in all things navy is pretty perfect for a tan boot.  

I think I just need a tan belt.  And I should probably get out my tan handbag again.

Soggy winter walks to school … Rainy Sunday morning soccer matches … I’m ready!

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