Remember last year I went to Daylesford and bought Charley the most excellent coat?  

This year I went and ran in to our vet in the bookshop.  Who apologised for not recognising Charley (she was waiting/barking insanely out the front).

I really don’t feel that way about my dog, not at all, so I didn’t mind one little bit.  Imagine the pressure on a vet, having to remember dog owners.  And what their particular dogs look like.  And on holidays.  And in Daylesford where there were SO MANY dogs.

Walking down the main drag on Saturday morning was like being at a dog festival … (well what I imagine a dog festival would be like ‘cos I’ve never actually been to one).

Which is all completely unrelated to foosball.

Which is what we bought in Daylesford. 

Clive and the girls spotted one of those foosball tables at the Daylesford Sunday market.  ONLY $20.  Some bloke whose wife told him it had to go was reluctantly selling it.  So we got it …

I was thinking it could live out in the garage (on Clive’s side).  

The reality?  It is in the middle of the girls room.  But they’re loving it!  And actually, I quite like foosball myself …

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