what I took home from the Melbourne flower and garden show

On Sunday I went to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show and once again loved the floristry inside the old Exhibition Building.

And I was inspired by some of the other things I saw … mainly of an arty nature.

For example this display of cones was interesting.

Filled with roses this paper cone was printed with a biography of Frances Hodgson Burnett and was a reference to The Secret Garden.  Each cone of the display referenced a different person with a passion for flowers.  I thought it was fun.  

And I loved (really ❤️d) these stools – old tins topped with leather cushions.  


But what inspired me most was this light shade.  

Last week I started crocheting a light shade for my dining room but decided (after unpicking it twice) that it wasn’t going to work.  

And then this.  And my grapevine.  And voila.

Version 1.


Then Fiona came over and I showed it to her and she thought it needed more.  And I agreed.

Version 2.

 So I kept going.  A little bit crazier.  But even more fun hey?  And free.  I have to wait for the vine to dry now and see what happens.  Hopefully it all doesn’t fall apart.  And of course I need to get a more stylish light bulb!


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