(Big) project of the week

That’s it.  No more faffing around for me making tiny necklaces and ironing plastic bags.  No more macrame with used rubber from bicycle tyre tubes … After purchasing my couch and rearranging my lounge room last week I am inspired ONLY by the BIG STUFF.

So on Monday Dad and Mum came round to help me rehang the lounge room curtains because they have been a disaster – a disaster I can’t be bothered explaining.  Anyway, the plan was for Dad to put up a pelmet (which I found on the side of the road and have been meaning to put up for at least 2 years).  But in the end we decided (again) that it was all too hard. A pelmet 3.4 metres long is just annoying all round. 

So instead I bought a new rod at the Spotlight sale and Dad helped out.  And it is MUCH better.  And I am v. happy.  Curtains done.

But ALSO … I had a brainwave to swap my pigeon holes at the front door with the table the TV was on in the lounge.

The main advantage being that all the 101 million cords hanging down behind the telly and connecting the ‘boxes’ (blue ray – video – Apple TV) would no longer be visible.

And it was a good idea!


tidy tidy tidy! and hello Charley!

Because not only is the lounge super organised but the front door looks good as well.
I might just stain the table a little darker to match the mirror frame.  And give it a wax.  And I’ll be done.

Then … Next on my BIG PROJECT list … THOSE kitchen tiles … And the dead tree in the back garden.  And some paving.  And the front yard.  And painting inside and out …


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