and then I got a free chair off gumtree …

So on Sunday I got my new (to me) couch and on Monday morning I was looking at Pinterest at the crack of dawn to see what coloured chair one should put alongside a blue couch. And  after looking at a number of images, like this

and this

I concluded that lighter tones were good.  And that a completely different look was okay.  The chair needed in fact to be a stand alone piece.

And then I did a search on Gumtree for armchairs.  I was thinking that I could get a wingback chair and recover it myself.  But then I saw this.

A free chair in Kew!

Greyish.  And tannish.

And vinyl so it wipes clean.  And with legs that match the map stools I recovered yonks ago.

So I emailed the owner and picked it up.  

Ace huh?  

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