my new couch (or what you can get for $13.50 on EBay)

It’s true!  I bought a new couch on the weekend. From EBay.  For $13.50.  

Amazing, don’t you think?

It’s a nice navy blue valour patterned modular couch with a chaise.  The people who owned it moved out of their house and needed it picked up on Sunday.  Some time after 2pm – which is when the EBay auction ended.  

And thus there weren’t many bidders.  And thus I got it.  For $13.50 …

Thanks Dad for backing down that alley in North Carlton.  With the trailer!  That was an amazing feat in itself.  

And thanks Mum for helping me to reorganise my soft furnishings and rehang my pictures.  

I think apart from the art and the rug (and the TV etc.) everything in my lounge room is second hand.  Second hand cushion covers and curtains.  Hard rubbish coffee table.  And the lamp, plant and throw rug hand-me-downs from Elise.  My Nanna found me the chest of drawers.

Happy days.

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