If you don’t have chickens producing a good two dozen eggs a day I suspect the answer is probably the latter.

But cute huh?  Elise bought it from Mr Vintage on Sparks Avenue.


  1. I have seen such old baskets in Germany, too, they were used to collect potatoes from the field. I fully agree with you that second hand is environmental and I buy most of the things I need second hand (dresses, pants, coats, porcelain, glass, frames, etc.) I love fleamarkets and thrift shops, just this morning I visited a thrift shop and made a good bargain. It’s really fun. Thanks for sharing your post, regards Mitza

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    1. Hi Mitza I think this basket was probably imported from Germany … And so it is really interesting to know that it is for collecting potatoes! It does seem a bit big for eggs … And thanks for reading my blog!

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      1. it was my pleasure and I’m happy I could explain this to you. During the decades I collect old things I have learned a lot. I wouldn’t like to miss it and every little piece I have found somewhere on fleamarkets, etc. Regards Mitza


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