craft stall day 2: recycling plastic bags

Pinterest.  It sucks you in and sometimes* you find yourself  doing the funniest things. 

Like this little project.  

That involves ironing plastic bags together.  Because you know I love ironing.  And then getting out the trusty heat gun (assuming every DIY chick worth her salt owns a heat gun) and using it to shape the newly formed plastic fabric into little bowls.

To be used at your leisure.  

As a flower pot?

As a fruit bowl?

I love the IDEA.  And it definitely makes good use of those plastic bags that otherwise hang around. 

But I am not sure the product sells itself well … It might just look a bit crap?

Alternatively people might LOVE a plastic fruit bowl featuring a slightly out of shape Target logo … I’ll test the idea on the craft stall!

Come along to Fairfield Primary School fete on Saturday 5 March from 2-7pm and see these glorious Pinterest creations in real life.  All feedback welcome (just don’t be too mean).

*quite often


  1. Hey Leanne I am ironing the bags into a “cloth” then sewing into toiletry bags….also thought I could make them into wind socks….I like the pot plant holder!


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