op shop books (❤️ Melina)

I have recently been indulging in YA literature in the form of Melina Marchetta’s books Looking for Alibrandi and Saving Francesca.  I loved them both.  Loved.  Loved.  Especially Saving Francesca.  Elise gave it to India for Christmas (second hand for our second hand Christmas) and India rated it as her favourite book of the holidays.  

And when I read it I laughed and cried.  Some people are so clever aren’t they?  I wish I could write a book like that!

I can’t believe I haven’t read them before now and that no one has ever raved to me about how good they are.  Maybe it’s the Sydney v. Melbourne thing … Still?!

And … we also recently listened to Hating Alison Ashley on Borrowbox (audiobooks you can borrow free from the library) which was one of my favourite books growing up.  Is it too young for YA?  I don’t know.  It is a similar story theme about family and friends and school and growing up.  The normal stuff.  And funny and sweet and great.

And on Saturday night we watched the movie on AppleTV.  The movie was good as well.  Delta was a great Alison Ashley!

Now India has just finished The Hunger Games (she polished it off in 1 day).  I might read that next … Hmmm.  I am not sure it is going to be my cup of tea though …


  1. I love Robin Klein’s books- “Hating Alison Ashley”, ” Thing” and especially the Penny Pollard books! Melina Marchetta is awesome too – I remember going to the movies to see ” Looking for Alibrandi”, and made my teenage son watch the dvd last year! (even my H says that everytime he hears the song ” Teenager of the year” by Lo Tel – featured in the movie- it brings a tear to his eye) ” Hunger games” is fanastic, completely different style, but great. I love YA fiction, I am always trying to get my boys to read partic faves ( not always a success!) or borrowing their books to read!

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    1. OMG Dianne I am sooo consumed by The Hunger Games. I don’t want to read it… I can’t stop reading it… I started yesterday afternoon and I will be finished today FOR SURE.


      1. Me too! I think I read them in a weekend ( ignoring the children, washing, housework etc!) Cassandra Clare’s “Clockwork Angel” and ” City of bones” series are awesome too! The kids keep telling me to read Skullduggery Pleasant – but there are about 7 books! Maybe school holiday reading…


  2. I loved Hating Allison Ashley as well (and bought a lovely commemorative hardback edition of it a year or so ago). Hunger Games (not normally my thing either) is gripping. Read it.

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