the added perks of early morning dog walking

My friend Helen is an early morning walker and also a true appreciator of roadside treasure.

Every now and then over the last few years I have woken to a text along the lines of ‘great chair on the corner of Grange and Wingrove’.  And sometimes I have stepped outside my front door in the morning to a little present she found and delivered to my driveway. Before I was even up and functioning.

Anyway, this year (now I have Charley) I too have taken up early morning walking.  

And yesterday I found my first early morning dog walking treasure, in the form of a set of bedside drawers.  On Hall Street.

I have just rearranged the girls room and had been looking on EBay for some timber drawers to paint white for between their beds. 

But patience (I started thinking about them on Friday so perhaps not that much patience) … And a keen eye… And I found some for free.  Hooray!

 So I spent the day painting them (they were too cream).  For the time being I have put the little gold handles back on.  But I might look out for something else?  Or maybe not.  They are of their era and pretty cute in their own kitsch way.

And of course gold and brass are making a comeback aren’t they?

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