organising …

Yesterday it was all about our bedroom and the 1001 (a slight exaggeration perhaps?) pictures, canvases and prints I have collected from op shops or bought at the art show or found here and there.

Before Christmas I abandoned my over-the-top Cinderella-esque tapestry.  And moved on to a lighter decorating theme.  I changed the light shades, got the cream doona out etc. 

But we have this old air conditioner in our room that is just plain ugly.  And once the OTT tapestry was gone every time I walked in all I saw was the air conditioner.  And it depressed me.

So yesterday I gathered up all the little pictures piled in corners around our house and did a salon hang across the full bedroom wall.  

So now all the pictures are up (well I have a few to go – but mostly they need framing first).  Which saves me having them spread around the house.

And I think they make the room quite colourful and cheery.  

And with this much visual clutter I have nearly forgotten about the air conditioner already.  

So I think I am happy.

What do you think?

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