happiness is …


a PAX wardrobe (but not mine)

An IKEA PAX wardrobe on the side of the road.  

Well … each to their own I know!

Yesterday I spotted a semi-dismantled wardrobe, and more interestingly the baskets from this wardrobe, out the front of a house being renovated.  

So I stopped and took a closer look.

And fortunately* I had a phillips head screwdriver in my glovebox.  And even more fortunately I have constructed 9 of these wardrobe units and installed all the associated shelves and drawers and baskets already at my house – so I knew all the bits and bobs I needed.

A quick chat to the guys working on the house and 5 minutes of unscrewing and I had 2 new double wire basket drawers, a new double shelf, a double hanging rail, 4 single shelves and 2 single drawers … And most importantly all the fixtures.

I spent the afternoon updating our wardrobes.  India’s is perfect now.  She got a new double rail and 4 single shelves.  

The girl’s is perfect now too.  They got 2 wire baskets (one for dress-ups – SOOOO good) and a single drawer.

I got a new single drawer (yay).

In the process I took out 4 double shelves and a gazillion plastic tubs.  

I rang Mezzy and she had use for 2 of of the shelves in her new PAX wardrobe.  So I have 2 left over – if anyone needs them? Is anyone else in love with Ikea’s wardrobes?

What a great day! 

* my glovebox essential supplies include a phillips head and small flat head screwdriver (for technical emergencies), a pen and sticky tape (for emergency birthday card writing and wrapping), a packet of wipes and a plastic bag (for emergency cleaning eg. carsick children and coffee spills).  Oh and band aids of course (for medical emergencies).

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