3 teak platters

You know when you go to Greece and you order the cucumber salad – and it is just sliced cucumber.  And then you order the tomato and basil salad, and it’s … tomato and basil.

I know … they say the ingredients and all pretty clearly in the name of the salad on the menu, but in Australia something described as a cucumber salad might have 3 for 4 extra ingredients.  At least.  And a dressing.  Not just a bottle of olive oil and balsamic on the table.

Anyway, since my 4 weeks of over indulgence in every way (I miss you summer holidays) I am looking to the Greek way of life to encourage a healthier diet at our house (more salads, less crap).

And these three teak platters that I got for 50 cents a pop at the op shop out the back of Rosebud (near Bunnings) are making sure my slightly boring cucumber salad (yes just cucumber slices) looks delightful and appetising …!?

Three salads a night.  We’ll be the height of good healthy living in no time!

One comment

  1. Yep sometimes we like ‘simple salad’ too, I do like those plates, they make salad look yummier xx


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