Rosebud op shops ❤️❤️❤️

So it’s Wednesday.  

I arrived at Rosebud Saturday night and restrained my op shopping impulses Sunday.  But on Monday I popped over the road at 9.30am on the dot to check out the Salvos.  I went with Elise.  10 minutes in and I ran in to my dad as well.  He’d obviously just ‘popped over’ too (see, it’s a genetic thing).

I bought a super pair of Country Road shorts.  $7.  Worth it!

Then we went to the beach for the day.  And got too much sun.  

So on Tuesday Mezzy and I dragged 5 kids to the op shops in central Rosebud (avoiding the heat of the day).

I found two pairs of Campers shoes.  $7 total.  Lovely.

 And then we went to the beach for a 4pm swim.  No one got sunburnt.

And this morning it’s drizzling, so maybe not a great beach day.  It’s perfect for op shopping though …

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