28 for dinner (for a week)


This year at Port Fairy there are 28 for dinner on your typical night.  6 families – 17 children, 11 adults.  And now the kids are getting bigger and are eating like adults – aagh!

To manage this catering explosion each family is responsible for one night.

And Merryn had a brainwave that kids get desert ONLY if they wash and dry their own crockery and cutlery.  And a parent’s as well.  And put it away.

So apart from the gazillion camp chairs all over the sites (yep, all the kids have adult sized chairs now as well) it all seems to be working out okay.

I catered last night … chicken burgers all round, with lettuce and mayo.  And an option of quinoa and lentil salad and balsamic marinated chicken for those not in to burgers.

I bought Sizzle, by Allan Campion and Michele Curtis and this simple recipe was in it. I have cooked it twice already.

And Hilda and Lu did the first night.  Bolognese, pasta and salad.  The bolognese was made with beef from Hilda’s farm.  It was delicious.  ❤️ holidays with farmers.

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