a carpet square fan

I am a fan of carpet squares or tiles.  I used them in my garage/more than a shed and πŸ’• them.    

The holiday house we are staying at has them.  And theoretically I like them, but the straight extra scratchy blue might be a bit much (although they do go nicely with the dog’s bed and my uggies).

I wish I could go home and get the leftovers of my random colours and patterns from the shed project and add them in.  To turn daggy in to cool(ish).

But I have already moved the lounge area to the dining area (and vice versa obviously) and reorganised the kitchen cupboards (Aileen will be proud of me – they were dreadful!)

I wouldn’t want to overstep the mark by changing their flooring (well actually I really would … but I will restrain myself).

Maybe next year if we rent the house again I will bring my squares and add them in just while we are here.  And take them home again when we leave! 

That’s the beauty of carpet tiles, right?

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