potato olympics

At school all the grade 3/4s have been busy with potato olympics.  Everyone gets a potato to decorate and then they compete in events like soccer (involving potatoes and a ping pong ball), potato and spoon race etc.   Jemima didn’t approve of the golf though, she thought it was ‘mean’ because her potato got a bruise just under it’s eye (golf involved a ruler as the golf club, the potato as the golf ball).

The decorating kept the kids amused for hours in class.  

And Jemima carried through on the idea at home and created a ‘fashion designer potato’.


Here’s the cleaning outfit (with apron).


Here’s the ball gown.

Here’s Jemima’s favourite outfit for Lulu Potato.


Here’s Lulu and Olive (the Olympic potato together).


And here they are in the disguises.  A ghost for Halloween and the Easter bunny.  Cuteness all round.


One comment

  1. So funny! Red liked the potato ice skating, I think on tin foil.
    Now I think about it you would love a book that my friend wrote, called Parlour Games For Modern Families, which is full of gems like this. By Jones and Tsinziras. x

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