a homemade Christmas (in the theme of stoneware)

What with work and dancing concerts and dancing concert rehearsals I haven’t stopped to take a breath all week.  But I did call past Northcote Pottery yesterday and collect the last of my stuff.

So now I am potting up some of the smaller cups with succulents for Christmas presents.  


how cute is Annabelle’s little goblin …

And combining the spoons I made with some of the little bowls.  They will be great as sugar bowls (sans a lid, but that’s okay) or as salt bowls I think.

And I made one platter that turned out excellently if I do say so myself.

Lastly I am trying to group my cups into ‘sets’. Oh, and I need to decide how to hang my little ‘love’ necklaces.  

Hello homemade Christmas!


  1. They all look amazing!
    I have been using coloured string ” hemp cord” for necklaces – $10 for 4/5 colours on a card at Riot art but purchased at selected bargin shops for $2 ( for exactly the same product). Comes in about 3 diff colour ranges eg neutals ( shades of brown plus white & black) abd 2 coloured mixes ( inc green, yellow, red, pink, purple, several shades of blue etc).


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