when your friends give you good stuff

Not everyone likes other people cast-offs I know … But I do.

Yesterday Aileen did her 6 monthly clean out of wardrobes (note to self:  I should do that!) and left some lovely things on my doorstep.

As ever I am appreciative and so is Scarlett – she was the main recipient this time.   

THANKS AILEEN.  Between you and Kylie (who also kindly and regularly sends her cast offs my way) I suspect that Scarlett probably won’t NEED anything new for the rest of her life.

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  1. I have a great arrangement with a friend who has three girls and then a boy – because our kids clothing requirements are the exact opposite we do a big switch of clothes twice a year – her so has a massive wardrobe (on account of my three boys) and my daughter has a massive wardrobe thanks to her three girls. We regularly pat each other on the back for our clever baby planning 😉

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