the big design market

If you are not really in to wood or pottery or pretty prints I am sorry … This post might not be for you.

Although maybe if you like leather cushions or silver jewellery you might still enjoy the quirky crafty gift world of Melbourne 2015 … 

Do you like stuff made from recycled bike tubes … Or bike spokes?

Elise and I went to The Big Design Market on Sunday and there were SO MANY lovely things there.  

I was inspired by this pottery.

And these glasses made from old beer bottles (clever recycling).  The bottle were cut and reheated and reshaped.  How fun.   

And what about these lamps that showcase any artwork (good for the kids art right).

 And this print of the Cinque Terre (I have nice holiday memories from there).  I really like the colours …

 And then there were timber chopping boards galore, and lovely clothes and screen printed homewares and nice food and fun jewellery.  I will definitely go again next year!  It’ll be top of my list!

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